I'll be giving away 9 paintings over the next 6 months in raffle form to those who donate toward covering the medical fees of my friend, Kai.
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about the artist

Find solace in the beauty of nature, and humour in the nature of people.

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Artist Statement

A true Gemini, Arthur is split between the dark and light - the good and bad of the world. Arthurs primary focus is on healing and recuperation from the negativity of the pandemic, so his current work mostly reflects his search for peace, appreciation for the beauty of his surrounds and the solace he finds in nature.

Away from the noise of the city, in a small town like Struisbaai, Arthur found himself in a position to appreciate nature, and the immense beauty of vast expanses both land and sea which inspires him to capture that which so many fail to see when caught up in the stress of day to day life. You'll notice dramatic skies, either an impendng storm - which could symbolise fear of the future or concern for what is yet to come (but you'll always find a ray of light!) – or the break of a new day filled with hope, possibly relief after a storm.

When viewing his work, his goal is that you are reminded of splendor even amidst the ugliness of the world. One should sigh in relief, feel a burden lifted, and be inspired to seek that beauty for yourself - as he does. Although scenes may appear lonely at times, they are captured through the eyes of an artist who found moments of respite from a crazy, dangerous world.

Arthur is available on request for commission work.

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Arthur Brigg

F I N E   A R T I S T


You can look at my DIARY to see what I'm currently working on.
Feel free to visit my INSTAGRAM page as well.


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