A basic introduction - my family, my life.
Here's me with my crazy, adventurous little family. This is a photo from a few years ago but still one of my favourites, because it really captures one of those happy, carefree moments - with our little one at the center of it all. I would be hopelessly lost without the two of them, in more ways than one.

Moving out of the city and into Struisbaai - a small seaside town surrounded by farms - was the best decision we could have ever made. Out of the rat race, close to nature, friendly locals, tranquility and surrounded by inspiration. I'd stopped painting during the first year of Covid after exhibitions were cancelled, although I had plenty of time on my hands I was filled with dread, unsure of the future and what was going on around me, depressed, angry and unable to concentrate. Painting might have given me some peace, but my mind just wasn't in it.

So, this year, March 2021 we made big brave changes and moved. Our little one is thriving at a farm school, riding horses, working with animals and enjoying a simpler, safer life outdoors. As parents, we have more space, we're close to the beach and farms, with more time in nature to calm ourselves - away from blaring taxi's, skollies on every corner ready to mug you, no neighbours looking into your back yard, and very little of the Covid angst that comes with all the ridiculous government rules in lock downs.

There are challenges when living in a small town of course, the main one being that there are so few customers for my other business which is mainly seasonal. Luckily the town still has strong local tourism so it's just a case of adapting.

That's the best we can do, in this beautiful place, until the madness ends.

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