Large panoramic of Agulhas lighthouse

The Agulhas lighthouse is historically iconic since it's at the southern most tip of Africa. I'd been deliberating doing a painting of it because generally speaking artworks of this place have been a bit mainstream or kitsch.

I eventually decided to do one anyway, since we're moving out of Struisbaai in June & will be heading to our new home in Barrydale (more about that in time!), and it's been prevalent in our lives. I've taken quite a lot of reference photo's over the months, with different weather formations and from different angles.

I chose this reference because of the angle, but I'm not entirely happy with the atmosphere (this particular reference photo was taken on a relatively clear day). I'd like to capture it in a more moody, dramatic light - which will mean waiting for the next storm, riding out at sunrise or sunset to capture it from the same angle.

For now, I'm content with getting the basic details and base colours in. When I find the right "mood reference" I'll finish this. Hopefully before the Agulhas Art Heritage tour takes place (see home page).


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