About the Artist

Find out what I paint, how I paint, what I do & where I’m from.

About Arthur

Mostly I paint anything beautiful that inspires me, while raising my daughter in the countryside alongside my wife. I’m a non-conformist, rule-breaker and active community member. I care deeply about a lot of things & follow my passions with determination.

My History

Born in Bloemfontein, South Africa, raised in Swellendam, grew up in Cape Town, now living in Barrydale on the cusp of the Karoo Desert.

I studied graphic design & worked in the advertising industry for over 20 years before starting a catering company.

During lock downs I started painting again, and just never stopped! Inbetween other work, I paint as much as I can, with work represented in local galleries.

Arthur Brigg

I’m a family man above anything else!

Living in Barrydale on the edge of the Karoo desert, my work reflects my surroundings, experiences and thoughts on various subjects. Mostly I try capture beauty both in nature & in the human form.

During the week I work in my Crazy Oak studio & gallery based in Suurbraak, it’s quirky & crazy – so be sure to pop in & say hi!

My Work

I paint in Acrylics on hand-made canvas – either while I’m in my Crazy Oak studio in Suurbraak, or on the porch at my home in Barrydale.

A few years back while living in Struisbaai, I was walking around the house during load shedding at night trying to whack mosquitoes with one of those electric rackets that have a blue UV light – as I passed one of my paintings it LIT UP! I realised subsequently that I’d inadvertently purchased a fluorescent acrylic paint. It added such an interesting dynamic that I started experimenting with it in most of my works. If you purchase a painting that has a dramatic sunset or lighting you might get a surprise if you shine a UV light on it…

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