This portrait title is a play on words – the face is illuminated from light flowing between blinds in front of the window, and although her eyes are open she can’t see the truth of what is happening outside – or perhaps within. Physically she is lit by blinds, esoterically she is blinded. Your interpretation may vary from mine – whether a social statement regarding the state of mankind unable to see what is happening around them, or blinded by their own distractions.

During the first hard lock downs I was disheartened how neighbours turned against each other.
We had a WhatsApp group & a lady ratted on an old gentleman who was walking his dog 15 minutes past curfue, threatening to phone the police.
This painting is a play on the lady being “blind” and the lighting from her window blinds as she peers out her window to spy on her community.

36cm (w) x 36cm (h)
Acrylic on canvas board

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36cm (w) x 36cm (h) Acrylic on canvas board

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Dimensions 36 × 0,5 × 36 cm


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