Censorship by big tech and governments has become an issue for outspoken people like myself. Along with mandatory mask wearing, I find it akin to not only silencing dissent but a direct attack on freedom of speech. There are already laws in place to protect those who feel harmed by words (such as defamation or bullying and harassment) however censorship of opinion has no place in a free society. I am completely fine with differing opinions on various topics. I believe debate – no matter how heated – is a tool for learning, understanding and personal growth. If we are forced to accept as gospel that corporations and governments are to be trusted implicitly to a point that they can remove freedom to travel, work or decide what is injected in our bodies without being allowed to question it or discuss it openly then, in my mind, there’s something terribly wrong going on. My feeling is that the only reason they are enforcing censorship is because they have something to hide, and quite frankly, do not have our best interest at heart – did they ever?

40 cm w x 40 cm h
Acrylic on canvas on board

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40 cm w x 40 cm h Acrylic on canvas on board

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Dimensions 40 × 0,5 × 40 cm


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